Figures show drop in crime

NEW crime figures released by police have shown a ten per cent fall in crime in the county over the past year.

Northumbria Police’s annual figures show crime is continuing to go down, with 7,500 fewer victims of crime, and 67,574 offences for the force in 2012/13 compared to 75,266 the previous year, and almost half the figure of 2005/06 when there were 132,000 offences.

Violent crime and robbery have both fallen by 12 per cent and drug offences, which rose slightly the previous year, are also down ten per cent,

There were around 10,000 fewer incidents of anti-social behaviour over the past year, a reduction of nearly ten per cent.

And the total crime detection rate stands at 41.5 per cent.

Public confidence levels also remain strong, with the force first in the country for overall satisfaction, ease of contact, follow up and treatment and actions taken.

Chief Constable Sue Sim said: “I am delighted we are continuing to deliver real and significant reductions in crime – with thousands fewer victims and thousands more families feeling safe in their homes and on our streets.

“Of course, this ongoing reduction would not be possible without the dedication of all Northumbria Police employees, our partners across the region and most importantly, the people in our communities who continue to back their local police force.

“The more we cut crime the greater the challenge becomes to drive it down further. That’s why we continue to make improvements to deliver the service the public tell us they want and need.

“We know anti-social behaviour remains a concern and this will be a key focus in the coming year.

“Neighbourhood policing remains at the heart of everything we do and we continue to ask our communities what their priorities are to ensure we’re providing the right service.

“This is reflected in the level of confidence the public have in our force and we must strive to keep this high over the next 12 months.”