Fine people for removing supermarket trolleys

Like many areas, Cramlington is sometimes blighted by the dumping of supermarket trolleys in public areas.

I believe that these cost well in excess of £100 each, the loss of which will be borne by customers of the stores.

I regularly contact the local authority for removal of these items, the cost of which is eventually paid for by the council tax payer.

There is no reason for a supermarket trolley to go beyond adjacent car parks, and any removal beyond these boundaries with no intention to return them constitutes an offence of theft.

The Cramlington car parks are supervised by enforcement officers. They could also be employed to prevent removal of supermarket trolleys with the imposition of a suitably punitive fixed penalty for any transgression.

Any additional costs would come from the supermarkets, which would be considerably less than the collection or replacement of stolen ones and would ease the burden placed on the local authority for their removal from our open spaces.

J Hill