Firm's fresh thinking on plastic use

A Blyth-based plastics manufacturer is leading the way in product innovation to help its customers do more with less and use plastic in new ways that reduce the effect that single-use plastic packaging has on the environment.

Monday, 9th April 2018, 1:30 pm
Andrew Brooks, inventor of the pokito, at a Omega Plastics facility.

Omega Plastics is using its years of expertise to help clients operating across numerous market sectors to develop multi-use products from plastic that have a positive impact on the planet and now the firm is urging fellow manufacturers to do the same.

Group managing director Dave Crone said: “As a manufacturer, we recognise that it’s our responsibility to drive change across the industry through ongoing development to use plastic more sustainably, which is what we are trying to achieve.

“As a material, plastic is incredibly useful. Its flexibility, durability and lightweight characteristics make it very effective in applications across various different industry sectors and, if used in the right way, can actually deliver energy saving and environmental benefits.

“At Omega Plastics, we are dedicated to helping customers, whether blue-chip or start-up, to create new products from plastic that reduce the material’s negative environmental impact.”

One example of an environmentally-friendly product innovation produced by Omega Plastics is the pokito.

As seen on television, the pokito is a re-usable travel cup that can be adjusted to match the size of the user’s drink – from 8oz espresso to 16oz grande – and has also been designed to collapse for super portability and easy storage.

Marketed as the busy commuter’s best friend, the concept behind the pokito was to combat the amount of paper coffee cups that are used and then disposed of in general waste bins.

“Every day, more than seven million paper cups are thrown into British bins, 99 per cent of which end up in landfill sites instead of being recycled,” said Andrew Brooks, creator of the pokito.

“Making a small lifestyle change, like refilling a travel cup for your morning coffee, can make a huge difference to the well-being of the planet.”