First class facility right our doorstep

I AM puzzled why there appears to be so many objections to the planned new hospital in Cramlington.

What a fantastic opportunity to have some of the most modern facilities on our doorstep and at a time of major cuts in public expenditure.

Cramlington has to be the best location for any such major facility in the north east.

It is close to the city of Newcastle, North Tyneside and the county of Northumberland.

It is ideally situated in south east Northumberland with good transport links comprising of three major trunk roads, close proximity to the east coast railway and the airport barely ten miles away.

The site on which the hospital is to be built is arable farm land of mediocre quality and is far better suited to the building of this new emergency facility.

The hospital will provide much needed employment both in its construction and operation.

Is this not what we really want, as jobs are being lost at an alarming rate in the area?

As for traffic issues, I have never noticed high levels of blue light / siren journeys in the vicinity of any of our current emergency hospitals in the area.

Residents in Ashington, Rake Lane, near Newcastle RVI or Newcastle General Hospital, I accept, might disagree.

And I would have thought that safety risks would be far higher in the heavily built up areas around the North Tyneside and Newcastle sites than in Cramlington.

Current traffic movements and pedestrian facilities around the Klondyke area of Cramlington are diabolical and can only be improved as a result of the nearby siting of the new hospital with appropriate planning of road alterations and traffic management.

We might even get proper pedestrian crossings in the vicinity.

Judging by the frequent deployment of the police helicopter around the area, I think the concerns over air ambulance access is nothing but a red herring.

I do believe that such emergency flights only occur after consultation with air traffic control.

This is the perfect opportunity to put Cramlington on the map for all the right reasons.

It will help regenerate the area, give employment to local people and we will also have first class medical facilities right on the doorstep for a change.