Five of the strangest things in our drains

Five of the strangest things found down drains in the North East - a bra.
Five of the strangest things found down drains in the North East - a bra.

A bra, an unopened can of lager, false teeth and even an animal skull have all caused blockages in the North East’s sewer and drains networks.

Northumbrian Water has issued a list of five of the strangest things found in the region’s drains as it reminds residents that only toilet paper, pee and poo should be flushed down the loo.

The company’s engineers have found some weird and wonderful things in the drains and sewers of the North East, but here is a rundown of the top five strangest:

1. A full-size shower curtain that someone, somehow, managed to flush. It caused a lot of damage to the network in Jesmond.

2. One fully-operational set of false teeth. Found in a drainage pipe in Stanley. Funnily enough, the owner never got back in touch to reclaim them.

3. A full-size animal skull found blocking the networks in South Tyneside. Creepy.

4. A full can of Foster’s lager found, unopened, in South Tyneside, having been flushed down the toilet. What a waste.

5. A ladies’ bra found blocking one of the sewers in Teesside. It caused so much damage that the sewer actually collapsed.

The North East isn’t the only place in the country where this is an issue, with items including a dismantled greenhouse, a space hopper and even a hand grenade being found in the bowels of sewers in other areas.

But although bizarre, none of these items come close to matching the pain in the drain caused by the thousands of wet wipes flushed down the loo or the greasy fats and oils poured down the sink.

Northumbrian Water engineers expect to clear around 17,500 blockages this year and more than half of these will have been preventable and caused by items wrongly flushed or put down the drains.

The consequences of blockages can be very unpleasant and nobody wants to wake up to the contents of their sewer in their home or garden.

The message from the water board is: ‘Help us by ensuring that only toilet paper, pee and poo go down the loo. Put other items in the bin. It can save you money, protect your plumbing and drainage and help the environment.’

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