Flooding devastates Morpeth town centre – Video

EMERGENCY services have spent all morning evacuating residents from streets in Morpeth under threat of floods.

Around 90 residents from the Dawson Place area of Morpeth have been evacuated as a precaution.

Car missing a wheel and partially submerged off Mitford Road in Morpeth.

Car missing a wheel and partially submerged off Mitford Road in Morpeth.

In scenes which will echo the flooding in the town in September 2008, the River Wansbeck broke its banks just before 11am this morning, leaving part of the town centre flooded.

Extra officers from Northumbria Police have been dispatched to the town to help with the evacuation of residents and businesses.

A rest centre has been set up at King Edward VI High School in the town for residents, with transport being provided from Morpeth Town Hall.

Northumbria Police is now working with Northumberland County Council to get people to the rest centres.

Four schools in Morpeth have so far been closed by Northumberland County Council this morning due to fallen tress and the risk of flooding.

The schools affected are Morpeth Chantry Middle, Morpeth Newminster Middle, St Robert’s RC Voluntary Aided First schools and Tritlington C of E First schools.

The Dales School, in Blyth, has also been closed

Council officials have closed Morpeth Library after water levels rose.

Mitford Road, adjacent to Morpeth Rugby Club and Dogger Bank, as well as Whorall Bank, Morpeth, and Split Road, Clifton, have also been closed due to flooding.

Morpeth Chantry footbridge is now closed due to structural damage caused by the flood. It will be closed for foreseeable future.

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