Fly-tipping is a disgrace

In reply to Mr Dixon’s letter (News Post Leader, July 10) regarding the fly-tipping in Furnace Road, Bebside, being a disgrace, he is totally correct.

We live in Furnace Road and it seems that we are just the right distance from McDonald’s and KFC etc for the ‘mindless morons’ to have time to eat their takeaways and then throw the wrappers out of their cars on their way to Bedlington.

As well as the usual bin bags dumped, we also get a lot of litter thrown out onto the road by some employees of businesses in the area as they clear out the vans at the end of the day.

I pick up things in a field I rent.

My partner is called the ‘Bebside Womble’ as he is out at least once a week clearing up the litter in the immediate vacinity to try and keep the area looking clean as we rarely get anyone from the council cleaning it up.

As per usual, Bebside is the forgotten part of Blyth that the council continue to ignore.

Julie Collop