Focus on the positives of exam results

It's that time of year that young people in our community dread most, and who can blame them, when their exam results come out.

Thursday, 11th August 2016, 4:41 pm
Ian Lavery, MP for Wansbeck

We’ve have nearly all been there and can remember what a nervous and anxious time it is as you wait to find out whether you have got the grades you want and need to help you progress into further education or to find employment.

For some there will be elation; for others relief; and sadly for some disappointment.

Qualifications and good exam results have always been important, but perhaps now more so than ever. It’s a sad fact that there are fewer jobs around, which means greater competition for them, so it is important to do well at exam time.

Most young people work extremely hard with the support of their families and teachers to get the results they are looking for, and I offer my congratulations to those who have succeeded. We have some outstanding young people in our midst who will go far in their chosen careers.

To those who may not have got what they wanted, don’t despair because alternative opportunities can be available with the right help and support. The important thing is not to give up, but to look at the positives rather than the negatives of not getting the results you wanted.

The next couple of weeks will be testing ones for young people nearing the end of their school lives. I do wish them all well and hope that things turn out the way they want them to.