Food store donates to charity

A county supermarket has given a donation of food to charity to be used in food parcels.

The new Co-op store in Bedlinton was looking to give something back to the community, and contacted the Salvation Army near the store to see if they could help with anytihng.

And last week the group donated £500 worth of food and toiletries tho the Salvation Army’s food bank.

Steve Varty, Co-op regional project manager, said: “The Salvation Army do excellent work including mother and todller groups,youth clubs, children clubs, weekly soup spot, AA meetings, over 60s clubs.

“They work mainly with NETS (Northumberland Emergency Transition Support) but also other agencies for referral.

“They provide three or seven day parcels depending on circumstances including one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner, and a snack per person per day.”