Foolish minority are ruining town

I OFTEN walk along Ashington’s Station Road at night and have a look at how my home town has deteriorated.

Last night I counted at least six shops either closed or to let in the space of about 50 yards.

Even worse than the obvious commercial decline is the state of the place.

Ashington has become a dirty and scruffy town, due to litter, graffiti, vandalism and dog muck.

I don’t blame the council for this, there is more than adequate provision for litter disposal in the town, but there is a nucleus of morons here who seem to delight in transforming Ashington into a tip.

The rubbish in Station Road is a disgrace, the site of the old railway station is an eyesore with accumulated rubbish, and the subway under Wansbeck Square is the local HQ for boy racers and paint sprayers.

Especially filthy is the area between Weatherspoon’s pub, past Netto, and into the bus depot. The litter around there has to be seen to be believed.

I was always proud of my home town, it was never going to be a touristy place having evolved from heavy industry, but it did have a profound communal and social ethic.

When I was still a lad in the 1960s there were still nettles in the back streets, and the atmosphere was polluted with smoke from thousands of coal fires.

However, the streets and community amenities were infinitely cleaner then.

Have a walk around Peoples Park and you will see litter, broken glass, vandalism, graffiti, and dog muck.

I wonder if the idiots responsible for this mess ever stop to think how their anti-social antics negate the town’s future prospects.

If I was a potential investor visiting Ashington, I wouldn’t be impressed, and heaven knows our town needs investors and jobs.

I would like to think that Ashington has a better future, but improving the town is an uphill struggle as long as a minority of citizens are allowed to defile the place.

Ashington needs a protracted and extensive clean-up, and a crackdown on those who wreck and dirty the place.

However, with cuts in the council workers and police I can’t see this happening any time soon.

It would seem that for now the majority of decent people in Ashington must continue living amid the filth and squalor inflicted on their town by a stupid and foolish minority.