Footballers show their support for dance record bid

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COUNCIL staff have been putting their dancing shoes on ahead of the Olympic torch coming to the UK.

Workers at Northumberland County Council set to act as volunteer leaders for a Big Dance event are being cheered on by two footballers.

Newcastle United defender Steven Taylor and midfielder Michael Richardson have been showing their backing for the dancers’ upcoming world record bid by taking part in a training session as they gear up for the arrival of the torch on English shores tomorrow.

Taylor said: “Part of the joy of football is the freedom of movement and the creativity. There seems to be a great similarity in dance. I enjoyed performing with the staff at County Hall.”

Richardson added: “Being fit and active is really important for football, so it was good to see the employees at Northumberland County Council working hard and practising their dance routine, which will form part of a world record attempt.”

Ten volunteers have given up their lunchtimes to train ready to lead a five-minute dance routine at County Hall in Morpeth.

The authority’s executive member for health and public protection, Anita Romer, of Hartley, said “The council wants to ensure that its employees remain as healthy as possible.

“Dancing is the fastest growing art form and provides a fantastic way of staying fit and healthy.

“The Big Dance has provided the council with a good opportunity to present a different form of exercise to our employees.

“I hope that we see as many of our employees as possible taking part and making Northumberland’s celebration a success.”

The Big Dance is a Guinness world record attempt for the largest simultaneous dance routine staged across a variety of venues.

Pupils at Cramlington schools will also be contributing to the record attempt by making moves at Concordia Leisure Centre, and another event will be held at the town’s Northburn Sports and Community Centre.

The record bid is being co-ordinated by organisations including Legacy Trust UK, the Arts Council and Creative Scotland.

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