Former mayor launches a legal challenge

A councillor forced to step down as town mayor after a bullying row has vowed to clear his name against the ‘dysfunctional’ organisation.

Former mayor of Blyth Town Council, Bob Parker, was asked to stand down after an investigation by Northumberland County Council into claims he bullied the organisation’s clerk Sue Noddings.

Now Coun Parker, who is seeking a judicial review of the decision, has vowed to fight the ruling which stated he had told the clerk to ‘obey his orders’.

A 12-month ban had been suggested while Coun Parker undergoes training, but he will continue to represent the Cowpen ward.

He said: “I am commencing litigation against the council and I’m alarmed that the council which has been described as ‘dysfunctional’ in an independent report has so far failed to tackle the dysfunctions.

“It’s clear that the workings of the council should be open and transparent and a number of members and residents have privately expressed their disquiet at the way decisions are being reached.

“I think its incumbent on the town council to act and be seen to act to tackle the allegations of a ‘dysfunctional council’ and I hope that I can play an active and positive role in tackling the issues the council faces in the future.”