Fostering - a new year’s resolution?

Northumberland County Council.
Northumberland County Council.

As the New Year approaches and people look to make changes in their lives, Northumberland County Council is seeking more than 35 new foster carers to help local children and young people.

Northumberland Foster Carers can look after single children and sibling groups aged from 0 to 18 years old. More foster families are particularly needed to provide:

long term homes for children aged 7 upwards

short term stays to help teenagers prepare for independence

a home to keep brothers and sisters together

Northumberland County Council also supports 18 to 20 years old to stay with their foster carers with their ‘Staying Put’ scheme. Northumberland is committed to supporting young people in further education and employment training. As young people are able to remain with their foster family, they can focus on their future without having to worry about setting up a new home of their own at this crucial time in their lives.

Without enough foster families willing and able to offer homes to these groups, some children will find themselves living a long way from family, school and friends, being split up from brothers and sisters, or being placed with a foster carer who does not have the ideal skills and experience to meet their specific needs.

Northumberland Foster Carer, Maxine Hepple, said: “It is my absolute pleasure and privilege to help young people to achieve in life. It can be a challenging role, but it is the most rewarding job I have ever done.”

Cabinet Member for Children’s Services Councillor Robert Arckless said: “Many people who thought about fostering did not think they could do it and did not realise the different options open to them, until they talked to our team.

“Working directly with the council you get to choose from a wider range of foster care roles to suit you and your household.

“The support and training enables people like you to open their homes to some of our community’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people.

“We urge you to call or visit our informative web site to see that fostering could be for you and how you can make a positive difference to the life of a child, whatever type of care you offer.”

People can out more online or ring 01670 626262.