FOULING: Dispose of it properly

I live in Garden City Villas, Ashington, near to Senet Workshops. This has a grassed area to the front of many properties.

Thursday, 19th May 2016, 6:00 am
Dog fouling

Over the last few years, I am disgusted to say that some dog owners who walk the route pick up the dog poo and then throw it into the gardens facing the road and walk away.

Why, after picking up the dog poo, do these owners not take it back to their homes and dispose of it properly?

Do the dog owners not realise that children play in these gardens?

I have asked the council for a dog bin to be placed near the roadside so that at least they can dispose of their dog mess properly and not put our children/grandchildren at risk of catching anything, or the revolting smell of poo.

As yet, I have had not had a reply from the council after stating that I have removed 36 doggy poo bags from my garden alone.

Get responsible, take it home.

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