Free food for those in need outside Blyth venue on Christmas Day

Organised by bikers and a catering business, a Christmas Day event is once again taking place in Blyth for people who are anxious, lonely, homeless, less fortunate or just simply want some company.

Thursday, 21st December 2017, 11:23 am
Updated Thursday, 21st December 2017, 11:25 am
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Hot and cold food and drinks will be provided from 10am in a safe and non-threatening environment and guests will take away donations of clothing, dried/tinned food and other useful items with them.

The event started in 2015 following the launch of DynaBite Street Kitchen and the car park at the Briardale Community Centre was the first venue.

The XXXX Crew MC provided vital support and having a clubhouse in place last year meant the bike park there was the venue in 2016. It is also the venue for this year’s event.

There will be transport to help people get to the Cowpen Road clubhouse, including a mini-bus leaving Blyth Market Place at 10am.

Taxis will also be provided and people can donate towards travel costs online at more information about the event and how things will operate on the day, or to arrange a time to donate items before the event, call 07415 456797.

You can also call this number if you are thinking of attending and would like someone from the XXXX Crew MC to accompany you on your journey to the venue or want to check if your taxi fare will be covered.

Anything that is left over after the event is distributed to local hostels, homes and groups.

Any money remaining after covering transport will be donated to charities supporting veterans.