Frustrated by vocal debate

I attended Cramlington Town Council’s consultation on the neighbourhood plan meeting on the evening of February 25 to join in the group discussions and vote on aspects discussed.

I was pleased to see a good number of people there, all joining in as the plan covers all aspects from jobs, transport, new housing, Manor Walks shops etc.

However, as the session progressed, five or six people seemed to have strongly felt grievance.

They became vocal about the plans to build new housing to the north of Station Road.

Presumably they were residents who wanted Village Green status to be applied to this land.

It was becoming difficult for the man leading the voting to progress through the points of the plan.

I noticed that a lot for people had left and I myself felt frustrated.

I had had enough myself and left.

I think back over the 19 years I have lived in Cramlington, this land has always been subject to development, be it an extension to the central shopping / business area, the planned east-west road link and now new housing, and yet it still remains a grassed area close to the centre of Cramlington.

There is a lot of new housing planned in Cramlington that will effect a lot of people, if everyone insisted on preventing development there would be none.

Likewise, the present Cramlington would not have been planned and built between the Sixties to Eighties if the original residents at, say Nelson Village, were so minded.

Cramlington may have become similar to Bedlington Front Street and lose its shops.

Gordon Summers

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