Fundraiser on a mission to raise more cash

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A WOMAN who saw her mum go through the trauma of cancer treatment is on a mission to raise more funds for charity.

Susan Mackellar, of Woodhorn Drive in Stakeford, has already raised more than £5,400 in two years for Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

And now she is encouraging ten people to sign up to charity’s £1,000 Challenge to help her raise £10,000 for the organisation’s life-saving work.

Susan’s mum Velia Gagie, 68, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1989.

She was given a mastectomy and since receiving the all-clear she has held several fundraising events across the region with her daughter.

Susan said: “I know too many people in Northumberland who, like me, know someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

“If just ten of us join together, we can really make a difference.”

To sign up visit e-mail or call 0207 025 0270.