Fundraising will continue for Milo

Milo Browne.
Milo Browne.

Work is progressing to improve the life of a young disabled child following a fundraising drive backed by local residents.

Milo Browne, from North Shields, suffers from delayed physical and mental development and has so far baffled medical experts who are unable to give a diagnosis of his condition.

The community has rallied to raise funds to provide a sensory room for thee youngster to help aid his development.

Mum Laura said: “We have had building work done in the house to get a space for Milo’s sensory room, but this has been a long time waiting due to Milo’s health.

“Since May he’s been to hospital at least half dozen times, he is slowly getting his cheeky personality back.”

Next week Laura will be taking part in the colour obstacle rush, followed by a summer fair and a mud challenge in Cumbria in October.

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