Funds needed for a war memorial

With reference to the letter from R R Simpson (News Post Leader, October 3), the Royal British Legion Newbiggin and North Seaton Branch could not agree with you more.

A number of years ago I produced a design for an extension of the memorial within the then empty square in the centre of the park.

Unfortunately the then Newbiggin Forum and Wansbeck District Council rejected the design as the grant they had obtained was for a “work of art” not a memorial,and that is why we ended up with a totally inappropriate work of art in the middle of the park instead of stonework naming our war dead.

The branch still has the intention of rectifying the situation but unfortunately we can not use the Royal British Legion funds, which are to be used for the welfare of service and ex-service personnel.

To finish the work we need to raise funds.

With the centenary of the start of the First World War next year, it would be a most appropriate time to honour our war dead properly.

So come on the people of Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, we need help to raise these funds.

Keith Laws

Branch Secretary

Newbiggin & North Seaton Branch

The Royal British Legion