Genealogy team’s first publication

The first publication from the Newbiggin by the Sea Genealogy Project has been officially launched.

Newbiggin Resilient is a little book with a big tale to tell about the related family histories of four Newbiggin maritime disasters from 1808 to 1915, as told through families and brought up to date in the lives of present day descendants.

Chair of the Newbiggin Genealogy Project, Hilton Dawson, said: “Newbiggin Resilient demonstrates not only that the town now owns it’s own history but that it is a wonderful community with a magnificent story to tell.

“We can all be proud of Newbiggin by the Sea, it’s important that its historic strength and resilience are made better known.”

Newbiggin Resilient is available from establishments throughout the town priced at £3, which inclues a £1 donation to Newbiggin Lifeboat.