Get the buses running later

I have lived in Bedlington for nearly 20 years and in that time the developments that have occurred around the neighbouring towns have filled the pages of local press including News Post Leader.

However, in recent times Cramlington has had a facelift with regards to the facilities it now offers (more than Bedlington could ever hope for).

One of the biggest is the addition of a cinema, and when the promotion of this was taking place in Manor Walks shopping centre I asked a number a questions to the developers, not least the time you are allowed to stay in the car park whilst shopping, eating and watching a film at the cinema being increased from the current four hours, but this fell on deaf ears.

The next issue was transport links to Cramlington from Bedlington. I pointed out then that the bus service was insufficient to accommodate anyone who would need to use the service to apply for jobs there, again this fell on deaf ears.

Now with addition of a retail park and major high street shops/brands present, the same issues still apply, and if you want to gain employment in say one of these shops that stay open to 8pm in most cases, then you cannot live in Bedlington.

The last direct bus to Bedlington is 6.10pm, and there is no service at all on a Sunday.

However, if you live in North Shields you can get a bus direct until nearly midnight.

How is it yet again that Bedlington suffers and we are only five miles away?

Come on Arriva, look at this problem and get your buses running later so if you cannot drive you can at least get to the best shopping centre in this area and have a meal and go to the pictures, and in some cases get from work safely, like everyone else.

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