Get to grips and help town out

AFTER reading the letter about traffic wardens (News Post Leader, August 9), I agree with Norma Baker.

I have seen them about watching people get out of their vehicle, not advising them and then swoop with the ticket.

The council should get to grips with this, and instead of frightening people away from Blyth they should encourage them to come.

Also, look at the broader picture in Blyth – the market is failing, there is a lack of quality shops, and when will the Keel Row doors be mended?

I have been in the rear car park and have seen old and disabled people have to walk around to other doors. I have also seen some get to doors, are unable to get in and go back to vehicles and drive off.

The council must get to grips with these situations or Blyth will become a ghost town.

Cramlington centre has more to offer and with some new units coming there, more and more people will leave Blyth to do shopping.

I suppose one good thing for Blyth is that Ashington is worse and Bedlington is just dead.