Get to grips with wrestling lessons

Brian Bell with some of the adult and child members of the Contract Wrestling Academy.
Brian Bell with some of the adult and child members of the Contract Wrestling Academy.

A new academy has been set up to enable young people and adults in Northumberland to learn the ropes of professional wrestling.

Brian Bell has been in the industry for 18 years as Assassin and, as well as working in the ring, he has helped to train many of the current North East scene – as well as WWE Superstar Adrian Neville.

He started his development in Blyth in 1999, but this academy moved to Gateshead three years later so the recently-established Contract Wrestling Academy is the first one in the county for 15 years.

Sessions take place on Wednesdays at Bedlington Community Centre.

Brian said: “I’ve appeared for wrestling promotions across the country and it’s absolutely brilliant.

“Getting the reactions from the crowds, whether it’s cheering or booing, is a great feeling.

“I’ve also got involved with the training and development side and done one-off work for different promotions and now I’m excited to have established Contract Wrestling Academy.

“I’ve been thinking about starting an academy for quite some time, but it was a case of getting everything in place first.

“It’s important to learn what is required for professional wrestling and it’s more than just the moves. Our sessions also promote self-confidence and team ethics.

“The younger age groups don’t take any bumps and we ask parents with children under 13 to stay so they can see exactly what goes on during a session.”

There are sessions for ages five to nine (6pm to 6.45pm), 10 to 15 (6pm to 7pm) and 16-plus (7pm to 8.30pm).

“The feedback has been very positive so far,” Brian added.

For more details about the academy, email