Get up to speed on new bypass with website

Lorries arriving for works on the culvert this month.
Lorries arriving for works on the culvert this month.

A new website has been launched to enable motorists and residents the chance to keep track of the progress being made on the new Morpeth’s bypass.

The Morpeth Northern Bypass is being opened up online via a dedicated website, launched to chart progress, inform on community projects and warn of any minor road disruption throughout the duration of the £30m project.

People can now stay up-to-date with every phase of the 20-month project by visiting

The website provides access to regularly updated photos, news updates, community project information and footage from drones that often fly over the 3.8km long site.

Dave Bennett, senior project manager at Carillion, said: “We want people to be part of the whole process, whether that’s as simple as informing them on our progress or spending a day alongside them up to our knees in mud creating animal habitats.

“The other benefit of the website is that major works of this nature have the potential to cause disruptions or concerns among local residents, so we wanted to build a platform where everyone can find out exactly what we’re doing, including any road closures or temporary traffic signals.”