Getting active on way to work

Commuters in south east Northumberland opted to leave their cars at home and chose an active way to get to work last week.

The first ever ‘Great North Commute’ took place on Friday, and despite the fog, people hopped, skipped, cycled, bounced or just walked as part of a campaign to try and cut congestion and help the environment.

The event was part of the ‘Make Tracks this Spring’ campaign being delivered by Go Smarter Northumberland with the aim of reducing congestion around towns such as Bedlington, Blyth, Ashington and Cramlington.

Almost a third of workers in Northumberland live within five kilometres of their place of work.

County councillor for Cramlington East, Ian Swithenbank, said: “The Make Tracks this Spring campaign and the Great North Commute have been a great way for people to get active on their way to work.

“Although the campaign has a fun element it has a serious message.

“By reducing traffic we can have a positive impact on business in south east Northumberland and help our region’s economy.”