Getting town back to life

This is what can be done to put Blyth back where it belongs – the biggest market town in Northumberland.

How we get this great market town (let’s not let our Labour group ever forget, the largest in Northumberland) back to where it was when I was a ‘youngin’.

We need to publish / have published a clear, well thought out economic development plan, a flexible plan that will take us on a journey that will see changes along its way but that can be delivered.

We must consult the communities of this town on this.

How I see an easy recovery five to ten-year plan:

1. We must have the full visible support of those our town elect. The MP, county and town councillors must unite as one, irrespective of political allegiance;

2 we must keep every penny due to this town in this town and seek to recover those monies lost from the past.

The town has many strengths:

1. The market place must be brought back to life - easily done with a cash and subsidised injection. Once this ‘heart’ is back the businesses peripheral to it will thrive again. Ands new business will be attracted like before;

2. We have two ‘great football teams’ that are more than capable of reaching Football League Two status (average 8,000 people visiting our town every week for about 40 weeks every year). The mighty Blyth Spartans, world recognised, must be encouraged, supported and assisted by all to push for Football League status. Closely behind we will have Blyth Town. This achievement alone would see an economic return of tens of millions of pounds to our town.

3. The beach area. We must capitalise on our location. Strategically, if managed correctly, well placed to attract tourism on an unprecedented scale. Billy Butlin saw the potential years ago.

This town really does have many ‘tools’ that others don’t.

We need the correct managers / tradespeople to deliver. We can do this.

Add Sec. 106, local trades doing local work, the growth of the Port of Blyth, the maritime museum historical capability, the spirt of the people,injection of business and hotels that will want a share of the spoils,the list is not exhaustive.

I will produce a detailed, structured, recovery plan for this town for all to see, to question, to debate.

For me the journey started years ago in doing this, but over the last year I have seen a tremendous desire and support by many to achieve the above and more.

Peter Watson