Ghost of Labour past could also be its future

As I write, my old comrade Jeremy Corbyn is front-runner in the race to be the new leader of the Labour Party.

Reading reports in the Tory press, you would think that would spell the end of a party committed to making Britain better for working people, the poor and disadvantaged.

What nonsense. Jeremy represents the heart and soul of the Labour movement after the last few decades of trying to out-Tory the Tories. The last election showed that people are sick of Tory-lite Labour policies. They want principles in politics.

Jeremy offers that, which is why many thousands, particularly younger people, are joining the party. That has led to claims that the leadership election rules are being exploited by infiltrators and that the outcome, if Jeremy wins, would be suspect.

Again, nonsense. Out of almost 600,000 who have signed up to vote, just 3,000 have been weeded out. Good old-fashioned socialism is the future.

There is the slur that Jeremy would be unelectable amongst the wider public. I know many non-members who would vote for his plan to re-nationalise the railways, curb the profits of power companies and scrap tuition fees.