Give a county referendum

Now that we have received the decision reached by Scottish residents who, very sensibly, have voted to stay in the UK, where they receive far more funding per person from central government than we do here in Northumberland, you have to ask yourself two questions.

Firstly, why would anyone in their right mind vote to put that level of subsidy in jeopardy when it helps to fund free prescriptions for all, free care homes for the elderly, free higher level education for all students above 18, free car parking everywhere in Scotland including hospitals, etc etc?

Secondly, there are lots of people asking why the funding for us in England, and especially for the residents of Northumberland, is not at the same level when we have many of the same problems and issues as our friends over the border?

There is no doubt in my mind that we in Northumberland will never be able to afford the free services received in Scotland under the present inequitable rules and under the present unfair political regime.

However, there is a solution for us in this county which I would like to suggest to the prime minister and his buddies in Westminster.

Give us a referendum in Northumberland Mr Cameron (or Mr Milliband - whoever wins in 2015) for our right to join with Scotland.

Sounds crazy? Not at all. We are attached to Scotland and many Scots live within our boundaries.

We have closer ties with our brothers and sisters of the Saltire than with the bankers and stockbrokers of the south east.

A ‘Yes’ vote from Northumbrians would then give us access to all the benefits Scotland receives as described above. How about it Mr C?

Alan Sample