Give horse trials time to establish

I AM disappointed that Labour councillors saw fit to question the loan by Northumberland County Council to help get Burgham Horse Trials started (News Post Leader, November 24).

Please give the organisers time. These events take years to establish.

It was a success this year although it may not have made a profit.

It will attract people the length and breadth of the land in due course.

Badminton in Gloucestershire and Burghley in Lincolnshire attract around 100,000 spectators over the days they run and it can be the same at Burgham in due course.

Imagine what that will do for the local economy, because that’s the thing about Burgham – it is local.

Speaking as a life-long horse lover brought up in Blyth who is definitely not a ‘toff’, I was delighted when I saw what had been achieved at Burgham.

Although I am retired and disabled, I enjoyed two exciting days there this year, for a very modest entrance fee.

Everything had been done properly and I was fair bursting with pride to be a Northumbrian.

Well done the county council for being far-sighted enough to back this well-run event.