Give us some amenities

On Easter Saturday a really good parade took place in Bedlington.

It was the Easter Egg Run when around 400 motorcycles came into the large car park behind the now shut Tescos.

These where not some young yobs tearing around the streets, but responsible bikers with good bikes doing a good cause.

With a 20-minute stop in Bedlington, several bikers asked where is the nearest loo?

I was ashamed to tell them there are no public toilets in Bedlington, so the public has to use a toilet in a local pub with the kind permission of the landlord/landlady.

This is another facility which has been lost to us in Bedlington.

We now have a large council office which is empty apart from an info desk, a large supermarket which is also empty, several empty shops and a monstrous ‘carbuncle’ in the middle of the town centre which is now abandoned.

When will the local council push to do something to help Bedlington?

It has been noted that with other towns – Ashington, Newbiggin – it seems no expense Is spared, but once again we are left out.

I was born and bred in Bedlington and proud of it, so come on council, spare a few quid for us and give us a few amenities.

Dave Walker