Give us value for money from TV licence

Is it not time that the BBC was made to compete for finance in the same way as other channels primarily by use of advertising?

For far too long this outfit has had an exceptionally “cushy” existence through the licence fee, allowing them to sit back and watch the money roll in giving huge, unjustified salaries to many staff, at the expense of programme choice and quality.

For example in 2011 the director general was paid £664,000 whilst a further 300 “top employees” enjoyed lucrative salaries to no 300 the finance project director – journalism was paid £130,000.

It is extremely difficult to work out the total salary bill, but suffice to say it is substantial.

Nineteen stars were paid more than £500,000 in the year to March 2011.

What do we get for that? The licence fee generates about £10 million/day! (£114/second.)

From a survey I carried out recently over three mid week days the programmes on BBC1 and BBC2 were split:

55 per cent repeats; 22 per cent news/current affairs; 23 per cent new programmes all types.

Is this value for money?

It’s time we had the choice to opt out of the BBC and subscribe to whatever channels we want such as Sky, Virgin etc.

On top of all this although some people will undoubtedly like the programmes we are having repeats, again, of Only Fools and Horses, and for the umpteenth time Dad’s Army.

Come on BBC, stand up and be counted and give us value for money or give up the licence fee.

William Dixon