Go ahead given for new housing development

An artist's impression of the new housing development in Seaton Delaval.
An artist's impression of the new housing development in Seaton Delaval.

Planning permission has been approved for a new housing development in south east Northumberland.

Northumberland County Council’s South East Area Planning Committee have agreed the plans for a housing development in Seaton Delaval.

Arch, The Northumberland Development Company, is investing £2.5m in the development of 28 houses and apartments on the site of the former Blyth Valley Council offices in Seaton Delaval.

These will be a wide mix of high-quality homes including larger three bedroomed properties, two and three bed houses and a number of apartments.

All of the homes are intended for private rent, which will ensure good quality new homes for working people on mid and lower incomes in the region.

This method means that the houses are simpler to construct, deliver good quality and provide a cost effective solution.

David Pearson, managing partner, Elliott Associates, said: “These will be the first Plan B properties to be delivered in the north east and we at Plan B are delighted to be working with Arch on this exciting project.”

Peter McIntyre, Arch Group managing director, said: “These new homes at Seaton Delaval will be Arch’s first major investment in developing a new rental housing offer in Northumberland, and our first direct housing development.

“A lot of areas are facing the same challenge – how to accelerate housing delivery when finance is tight and developers are risk-averse – so I expect that many people in the housing sector and housing policy world will be watching to see the Arch ‘model’ in action and how the scheme is received in the market.

“We are confident that it will be very popular.”