Good cod! What a whopping fish

Icelandic Consul Clive McKeag with his whopper cod.
Icelandic Consul Clive McKeag with his whopper cod.

Seaton Sluice was the unlikely setting for an unofficial diplomatic visit.

The Consul of Iceland popped in to the Harbour View Restaurant to sing its praises in a report back to the island’s government.

Gosforth solicitor Clive McKeag heard glowing reports about the giant Icelandic cod and haddock being served at Harbour View from a work colleague so he decided to visit and see for himself.

Mr McKeag has held the diplomatic role for many years and is on hand to help Icelandic citizens who may need his help. He also looks for opportunities to promote the country and he feeds back success stories to the Icelandic government.

Restaurant manager Sarah Cranson was surprised to learn that she had a diplomat customer.

“Our customers love the size and quality of the food we serve and they often talk to us about it.

“They particularly like the fish that is caught in the cold, deep seas off Iceland.

“Mr McKeag finished his meal and praised us on the taste, quality and size of the fish. He then told me he was very proud that it had been fished off Iceland and that he would report back to the relevant people in the country. I was amazed to learn about his role in international diplomacy.”

Mr McKeag said: “A work colleague lives in Seaton Sluice and I’d heard her talking about the restaurant so I thought it was time I tried it for myself.

“I must say, the fish was very good.“