Good needs recognition

Hearty congratulations on the July 3 issue, which was full to bursting with wonderfully positive and uplifting reports.

For a very long time, previous issues have bombarded us from page one onwards with crime, vandalism, social problems and decay.

There was such an in-balance that the reader was ‘left in despair’.

The July 3 issue, however, was a revelation.

It was filled with positive accounts from page one’s encouraging business report right through 59 pages to the Brownie’s centenary celebrations.

And in between, extraordinary ‘ordinary’ people’s stories of giving their precious time to environmental clean-ups, rescues, money-raising, sport, music, inventions, history, etc, etc.

This issue must have had a cheering, beneficial effect on your readers and given immense encouragement to all those whose stories were published.

Clearly there are many problems which have to be brought to the attention of your readers, but the valiant carers, youth workers, charity fundraisers, business leaders, etc, need recognition through your pages to keep a balance in favour of what is good in our society.

Mrs VA Hook

Address supplied