Good samaritan helping my mum is appreciated

I would like to thank the good samaritan who went to the aid of my elderly parents at around 7.30 on Thursday, April 17.

My parents got off the bus at the bottom of Northumbria Road in Cramlington, and my mum stumbled and fell, hitting her face.#

She was bleeding heavily.

A man, called Craig Allan, was driving by and went to help them.

He also stayed with my mum until the paramedics took her to hospital.

My mum’s face is very badly cut and bruised, and there was a lot of concern about damage to her eye.

Thankfully, she is home, and recovering.

It could have been so much worse but for Mr Allan.

I would also thank Maureen and Joyce who helped administer first aid, and also the staff at Wansbeck A&E who took very good care of her.

Patricia Heard