Government cuts will hit the lowest paid

Now that they are free of their Lib Dem coalition colleagues, the true nature of the Tory government has been exposed – a blitz on struggling parents and their children.

Nowhere is that more clear than the threat of a £5bn reduction to child tax credits that could see 3.7 million working families lose an average of £1,400 a year in income.

In the north east the number of families with children set to be clobbered is 178,600, or 56 per cent of the overall population, compared with the 51 per cent UK average.

Typically, the Tories refuse to spell out exactly who will be hardest hit, adding to the insecurity felt by working families.

David Cameron argues that if tax credits are cut, wages will automatically rise to compensate workers.

Poppycock. That will not happen in this era of ‘fat cat’ bonuses for those at the top, along with pay freezes, zero hours contracts, and benefit cuts for the rest.

Labour wants to see a higher wage economy, where people are less reliant on tax credits to make ends meet, as well as action on low pay and high rents, which are the real drivers of rising social security spending.

The government has no plans to ensure that working families in this country don’t lose out from its tax credit cuts.

Instead of tackling low pay, the Conservatives are attacking the low-paid.