Grandma gets life for Holywell murder

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A Grandma who murdered her daughter-in-law will serve a minimum of twenty years in prison.

Heather Emmonds stabbed Tina Casey in the head and neck in February this year, and was sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court today (Friday) for life imprisonment, being told she will have to serve a minimum of twenty years before being considered for parole.

Judge John Milford said the attack was a pre-meditated murder, after Emmonds took a fillet knife the Miss Casey’s address and stabbed her from behind in the neck, and then in the head and neck.

Emmonds, 58, from Blyth Street in Seaton Delaval, had already tried to poison her daughter-in-law by lacing her food with sleeping pills.

Judge Milford said that the attack was completely out of character, and that Emmonds had been a good mother, a good wife and a hard worker.

He said: “On Sunday, February 3, you drove to her home armed with a filleting knife.

“You had taken a change of clothes and gloves.

“With Tina lying unsuspecting on the sofa you attacked her from behind with the knife, driving it into her neck and then repeatedly stabbed her around the head and neck.”

Emmonds was found in a car she had crashed the day after the murder with a number of notes, and one was a letter written to her grandson after the killing, saying: “Please don’t hate me for what I have done.

“I really thought it was the best for you.

“I know it won’t look like it but dad is a great dad for you so be good for him and gramps.

“I will always love you.”

Emmonds, of Blyth Street, Seaton Deleval, denied murder on the basis of loss of control and diminished responsibility but was convicted by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court.