Grassed areas are disgraceful

I FEEL compelled to write about the lack of grass cutting in and around Bedlington Station, the poor standard of what is actually cut and the lack of flowers being planted.

Walking around is depressing enough these days, empty buildings, broken windows, litter from takeaways etc.

This seems to be exasperated by the distinct lack of floral displays adding to the gloomy picture.

None of the raised beds, by the station itself, the entrance to the station car park or any others have been planted this year.

Not only have they not been planted, they are overgrown with weeds and strewn with rubbish.

The flower bed opposite the entrance to the Burnside estate in front of St Johns is in a diabolical mess, completely overgrown with weeds and totally unkempt.

There are also no hanging baskets.

It seems to me that Northumberland County Council has decided to cutback drastically on its grass cutting operations this year (either that or it has completely forgotten where Bedlington Station is).

The grassed area in Burnside – in the middle – has been cut once.

All the other areas have had a quick wipe over a couple of times with grass cutters, the edges have not been cut properly, and cut grass has been strewn over the footpaths and roads.

By far the worst example is the area from the Bank Top down past the black bridge to the spine road.

That is in an absolutely disgraceful state. Completely overgrown – it must be a yard high – and left to go to seed.

This was an area, in previous years, that was beautifully kept.

The grass on the access to the spine is also totally overgrown, drivers are playing ‘chicken’ because they can not see properly approaching the spine road.

I can’t help wondering if the Olympic torch had been routed this way on its way to Blyth, how much tidying up and the planting of flowers would there have been done then?

After all, Bedlington Front Street is looking as good as ever with its immaculate flower beds and baskets etc.


Bedlington Station