Grateful for all the help after my brother fell from ladders

On May 21 my brother had an accident in my garage when the ladders he was standing on came away from their fixing and he fell backwards onto the concrete garage floor knocking him unconscious.

He is now recovering at home but the whole family would like to thank the lady who assisted my sister-in-law while I rang the emergency services – we do not know who she is.

Also, the four paramedics who were absolutely wonderful, and all the staff at A&E at Wansbeck General Hospital, doctors, nurses, everyone.

We don’t know any names but they were fantastic and a credit to the NHS.

We read bad reports about the state of the NHS but in our experience it might be the case elsewhere but not at Wansbeck.

At the time you don’t get to thank people enough for their help and assistance to complete strangers, but to everyone on that Wednesday we would like to say a grateful heartfelt thank you.

Elizabeth Kerry