Green idea bears fruit for Joseph

A Cramlington apprentice is leading a scheme to promote exotic habitats and rare plants.

Thursday, 24th January 2019, 11:05 am
Updated Thursday, 24th January 2019, 11:08 am
Joseph Goddard is leading a new biosphere project at Manor Walks. Picture by Mary T Naughton.

Joseph Goddard, 21, is pioneering a biosphere project based in Manor Walks which he hopes will help to educate local students.

The project is part of his apprenticeship with ABM UK, which sees him working in and around Manor Walks, as well as attending college.

ABM UK apprentice Joseph Goddard. Picture by Mary T Naughton.

He joined the company after completing his AS-Level exams in product design, applied science and business studies.

He does a combination of educational subjects in college as well as practical, hands-on experience at Manor Walks.

Joseph said: “When I was given actual hands-on responsibilities in the workplace it was a bit of a shock, albeit a good one. It was so different to what I knew.

“I’m in my second year now and have worked across various parts of the centre and tried my hand at lots of different areas.”

By getting hands on with the centre’s recycling programme, coupled with environmental modules in college, Joseph is set to lead the development of the biosphere project.

It will see him create a self-sustainable structure to promote and educate local schools on habitats and what environments are needed to grow rare plants in the UK.

It was inspired by a project he worked on with his manager and the onsite landscaper, which involved growing flowers, fruit and vegetables in two greenhouses onsite.

Joseph said: “Watching everyone bring home fruit and vegetables for their families to enjoy gives me a great sense of pride.

“It got me thinking about what else we could do. I asked lots of questions, and over time, started to think about a biosphere project; I developed the idea with my manager and I ran with it.”

“It’s a brilliant way of taking a tour around the world. What started as an area that piqued my interest has turned into an actual passion point.

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