Greens pick their runner

Christopher Hedley.
Christopher Hedley.

The Green Party has chosen its candidate to contest the Wansbeck constituency at next month’s general election.

Christopher Hedley was unanimously selected at a meeting of the constituency party.

I hope voters in the constituency use this as an opportunity to say no to the status quo of ‘two party politics’

Christopher Hedley

Mr Hedley, 25, from Ashington, said: “I feel honoured to have been selected as the Green Party candidate for Wansbeck.

“Wansbeck is my home and because it’s my home, I’m incredibly passionate about doing all I can to improve the lives of those who live here.”

In 2012 he was selected to carry the Olympic torch when it passed through Newbiggin.

Previous candidate, Coun Nic Best, who has stood in Wansbeck in every general election since 1992, said: “I’m really pleased to be able to hand over ‘the torch’ to Chris.

“He’ll make a great candidate and will be able to gain support right across the constituency.

“I hope people in Morpeth won’t be too disappointed that I’m not standing.”