Grey town needs splash of colour

IT was interesting to read Dawn Powell’s letter (News Post Leader, June 9) regarding Blyth.

I came to work in the town 45 years ago and have seen many changes, some good, for example the beach area and the pathway along the dunes as well as the upgrade of Ridley Park, some not so good, especially the refurbishment of the market square.

The correspondent is correct in calling it ‘concrete city’.

Let’s look at a few points. Who was the bright spark that thinks you can run buses and heavy vehicles over tiles? Take a look at Waterloo Road and see how it is breaking up again. There is not enough difference to distinguish between road and pavement.

I think it should be dug up and resurfaced. I think they call it asphalt, and it comes in different colours as well.

What about those seats? After ten minutes you would finish up with piles (haemorrhoids if you are posh). Can we please have some decent wooden benches to sit on whilst the loved one does her shopping?

Now the market. Where has it gone? Ever been to Skipton? That’s a market. It looks like a market, it is a mixture of tarpaulins and open stalls, a bit untidy but a real market.

Getting back to the changes, I am not privy to the fees for stalls, but charging £5 per hour is better than £0 per hour.

The fountains. What a shambles. I have only seen them working twice, and the water has nowhere to go.

Along with the footpath on Waterloo Road, which floods when it is raining and needs a tunnel drain inserting, could someone inform those in charge that water needs an escape route?

And finally, colour. What a grey looking place it is, especially in winter when the trees are bare. I feel sure there are evergreens available.

How about the powers that be put back the railings in Waterloo Road, and bring back those beautiful flower boxes that sat on them. In days gone by there was a circular flower display as you entered the square from Bridge Street. Let us have that back, or something similar. Some colourful banners or art work could be introduced.

Anybody else got any ideas?