Group helps out children in Kenya

A group set up to help children in Northumberland understand racial harmony is looking for volunteers to help them spread their message.

FLICK was set up by Carolyn Palmer to create a link between schools in the north east and in Kenya.

Carolyn said: “We promote racial harmony by holding workshops with different cultural skills and talks, offering schools presentations showing the meaning of diversity and cultures and hopefully educating the young people of today that there are different worlds, worlds that are in poverty and need support from others that are fortunate.

“We also will holds talks to try to encourage people to realise that even though there are differences, we all are the same and if united we could learn skills from each other.”

FLICK works with schools to help raise funds to support a school called Barnabas in Shanzu, Mobasa, Kenya, which educates 140 pupils.

Staff visit schools and show how they are beginning to become self sufficient with chickens and growing crops.

“Half of the children at the school have HIV, and we would like to send a volunteer to educate the parents on HIV,” added Carolyn.

“We worked hard last year – car boots, small events and fairs and also received funding from Awards for All, which we used for one year’s rent with the Wansbeck CVS.

“The schools now need help to complete some classrooms and buy a piece of land for crops.”

Carolyn is looking for volunteers to join the organisation.

Anyone who would like to volunteer can contact Carolyn via