Group making progress with town initiative

The new Poundstretchers project shows how much progress the Northumberland Labour Group has made in Blyth.

Under the deal, the developers Arch will invest £1.476m when refurbishment works are complete and Poundstretchers will enter into a new 15-year lease of the ground floor only, paying Arch a rent of £125,000 pa.

Arch will be required to develop the first and second floors.

This will be the final Blyth Townscape Heritage Initiative and the work will take 28 weeks to complete and will include full restoration of all external elevations including shop front, windows, masonry, roof and structural repairs.

This is locally led investment in Blyth town centre, which should be a blueprint for other towns across the country. A lot of hard work and goodwill has been poured into the initiative.

In Northumbria House, two shops have opened and Iceland will move into its new premises the first week in September. They are on long leases so they are here to stay.

Market Street will not die because of Iceland’s move. A planning application to put a new shop front in Decorflair has been submitted by the landlord and Savers will move in on completion.

Shops in Waterloo Road expect to increase business and others will come in to fill the space. New jobs have been created and more will come.

Well done to everyone involved.