Group want to publish a town e-book

A group looking to create an e-book of information gathered about a Northumberland town is appealing for more people to get involved.

The Ashington Remembered Group is looking to put together a book on the social history and people of Ashington.

Members are now on the look out for stories, photographs and historical documents to be included.

Business development officer Alan Mackay said: “We are grateful for everyone’s attendance at our latest meeting, and for their kindness in supporting the project.

“There is great interest in the local history of the area in general not just the role of the town in mining.

“This project will take time and hard work to bring to fruition, but we hope that this will just be the start in a series of publications based on the town’s communities.

“We hope more people will contribute to the project by allowing us to publish their family and community images for everyone to see.

“The longer term goal is to produce the book in electronic format so that it is more readily available to all members of the community and to ex-Ashington residents who live in other parts of the world.”

Contributions can be made through their shop at The Deputy’s Kist in the Central Arcade, Woodhorn Road.

Anyone interested in volunteering can email