Guitar hero dons onesies for videos

Toby Lee.
Toby Lee.

A young guitar hero’s choice of attire has become an integral part of his weekly videos.

More than a million people have watched ten-year-old Toby Lee on YouTube, in his weekly performances where he dons a onesie.

He first wore a rabbit onesie made by his mum, but as the outfits he wore become as important as the music itself, his family turned to Kate Dawson of Ashington-based The All-in-One-Company for help.

“Like most people who see and hear Toby perform I couldn’t believe he was so young and so talented,” said Kate.

“It’s a perfect combination: Toby’s so comfortable and relaxed in his onesie he can just concentrate on his music.”

Toby has also helped design onesies to match his mood and choice of music.

The Toby Lee collection now consists of a Rock, Country, USA, Tigertastic, Sweat Shirt and even an Hawaiian onesie.

Toby’s dad Terry added: “Some of Toby’s fans didn’t seem to think that wearing a onesie was appropriate. I had to remind them that Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Marc Bolan all performed in a jump suit, which is virtually the same.”