GYM: You gave me my life back

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to the amazing fitness instructors at Blyth Sports Centre for all the support and guidance they have shown me over the past year.

After losing a considerable amount of weight, with a lot more to go, I wanted to introduce fitness into my life and I joined the gym.

Since then I’ve had their expertise available to me whenever I’ve needed it.

They’ve helped me lose the remainder of my excess weight with great tailored nutritional advice and have guided me, and continue to guide me, through personal fitness plans to take my fitness to a level I could have only ever dreamed of.

A year ago I shamelessly couldn’t walk to the bottom of my own street without getting out of breath. This year I have my place in the Great North Run and can’t wait.

I never thought I’d get up in the morning and look forward to working out, and it really is thanks to those guys and gals at the gym.

They do a fabulous job, they’ve helped me get my life back.

We are very lucky to have these facilities available to all of us in the area.

Joanne Sharp