Gyms cost far too much

I would like to congratulate Active Northumberland, which says it’s a charitable trust and runs leisure facilities and services on behalf of Northumberland County Council, on increasing the price of a daily gym session in all its gyms to a massive £6.90, a 45% rise. Yes, 45%.

It’s hard to believe that it is now charging more than the minimum wage per hour to use its gyms.

As I work full time and have children, a full-time membership would not be any good for me as my quality time in the gym is varied week to week.

I can’t help but feel, once again, as a full-time worker that is not on any benefits that I am funding those that are as they seem to be able to go to the gym every day

I cannot help but think what the future holds for the local leisure centre when in North Tyneside, for instance, you can use the gym, which includes use of a swimming pool, for a lot cheaper, and as for the £10-a-month gyms you see opening every week...

Time will tell.

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