Hall is important to the community

WE read with concern the article about the refusal of planning permission for new housing on the site of Cragside School (News Post Leader, September 29).

Whilst new housing may benefit the area, this development should not be at the expense of other community needs.

We were disappointed at the comments from councillors who suggested the purchase and demolition of the Salvation Army Church in Collingwood Grange estate in order to give better access and thereby facilitate the proposed development.

This building is important not only for the Salvation Army but also for the local community.

It has been the meeting place for the local rainbow, brownie and guide units for years, and without this venue they would have nowhere to meet and consequently these children, and any others moving into the new houses, would be deprived of the opportunity to experience Girlguiding.

Demolition of the Salvation Army hall is a ‘quick fix suggestion’ and does not take account of the long term effects on the community or the residents of Crammond Way.


Cramlington South