Harmful asbestos found dumped at side of road

Piles of asbestos waste that were dumped off the A192 near Cramlington.
Piles of asbestos waste that were dumped off the A192 near Cramlington.

POTENTIALLY hazardous asbestos has been found dumped in Cramlington.

A total of 20 asbestos sheets and 30 to 40 black bin bags tied together with silver tape containing asbestos tiles, were found by enivronmental enforcement officers in East Hartford.

The officers are now asking the public for their help in providing information about the waste that was fly-tipped off the A192 near Cramlington, on or around Thursday, July 19.

Officers are seeking information about both the origins of the waste, and any vehicle that has been seen carrying the waste.

Fly-tippers are being warned that Northumberland County Council will seek to prosecute anyone who is caught, through its enforcement team.

Andy Rutherford, head of neighbourhood services and highways at the council, said: “Fly tipping not only spoils our countryside, but also adds a financial burden onto residents who have to pick up the cost of waste disposal.

“This case is particularly shocking, as it involves asbestos, a material known to be dangerous if not handled safely.

“We encourage all residents and businesses to check the credentials of people offering waste disposal services, and would urge anyone with information about this case to come forward.

“Fly tipping is a country wide issue and cleanup costs are met by the taxpayer through removal and disposal costs.

“Currently Northumberland is experiencing between 100 and 120 tips per month, and often leads to spoilt, and even polluted green spaces. Dumped waste also poses a health hazard for playing children and wildlife.”

Anyone with information can contact Northumberland Council FirstCall on 0845 600 6400 or Environmental Enforcement on (01670) 623462.